’We’re still celebrating now': After 24 hours of rare consecutive victories, Tony Fino is still smiling

Professional golfer Tony Finau laughs as he and other golfers demonstrate golf strokes during the Tony Finau Classic Golf Tournament in Farmington on Monday, August 1, 2022 (Scott J. Winterton, Deseret News)

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Farmington – Less than 24 hours after winning back-to-back PGA Tour titles for the first time in his career, Tony Finau barely had time to breathe – but celebrated alone – his latest honor At the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit While he cycled between jokes, drills and a long-distance friendly competition with some local golfers as part of a clinic with the Tony Finau Classic Golf Foundation.

There was no festive steak dinner the night before, no Early morning ran to McDonald’s – He wasn’t even with most of his family, except for his wife, Alina, who surprised him by going to his hotel on Saturday night before the last round.

After all, Finau had work to do now. He had a charity golf tournament to host, benefiting from the Tony Finau Foundation, which is played each year at Oakridge Country Club in conjunction with the Utah Championship on the Korn Ferry Tour.

So Tony and Alina Finau boarded a small flight that arrived at Provo Airport late Sunday night, and were immediately greeted by dozens of family, friends and supporters to congratulate the four-time winner of the PGA Tour.

And then, there was dancing. Boy, was there dancing.

"We had to catch a flight right away, but we’re still partying now," Finaw said. “My wife had to bring the kids home from Minnesota after that first win, and she told me maybe I should get out of Detroit to celebrate the win.

"I told her, 'It’s OK; when I get home, we’re going to have two wins. I’ve kind of put her in the forefront of my mind to get back on track and get ready to go again in Detroit. I was confident enough…I knew I was playing well enough to put myself down once'. Another one there on Sunday. And to be able to seal the deal was a great feeling."

Finau likes to say that each week can change the course of life on the PGA Tour, as careers are made and some fall apart for one hit, one drive, one bout in the wind. He had an idea since he was a junior golfer, when his late father and mother drove him to local events up and down the Wasatch front, before driving for the show. And the Put the dough.

For the 32-year-old Rose Park native, it took two weeks – perhaps not to prove he belongs on the PGA Tour (he’s done so for several years), but to show he can win over with the best of them. And in the past 10 days, he has established himself as a force, being the first winner of back-to-back regular season events since 2019 with one of the most exciting speculators on the PGA Tour. Before FedEx Cup Qualifiers.

Sunday was a little different, had Finau finished a championship he drove from wire to wire, winning the field he led before Sunday’s final round for the first time in six attempts.

There’s no better place to enjoy it, too, than in its native Utah.

“Utah is definitely home,” said Finow, who splits his time between Lehi and Arizona, where his swing coach Boyd Summerhayes lives. "I love being from Utah, I’m proud to represent Utah. I’ve been interviewing here since I was 7. Going back and celebrating this with Utah and the amazing fan base of Utah is something."

"He’s really cool, and I think a lot of Yotans are proud of him."

Finau was one of the top players on the field in both the Twin Cities and Detroit, and the win simply cemented him as one of the top golfers on the PGA Tour. It is currently ranked No. 7 in the FedEx Cup standings, which will mark the start of the playoffs that will begin in two weeks, rising to No. 13 in the Official World Golf Ratings With a spot in the Presidents Cup roster.

Sage Finau looks at his father, Tony, as he trains on a swing at the Oakridge Country Club in Farmington during the Tony Finau Foundation Golf Classic on Monday, August 1, 2022.
Sage Finau looks at his father, Tony, as he practices on a swing at Oakridge Country Club in Farmington during the Tony Finau Foundation Golf Classic on Monday, August 1, 2022. (Photo: Scott J. Winterton, Deseret News)

So, naturally, as his star shines brighter and the wins continue, the question will follow Finau – whether he likes it or not – about his loyalty to the PGA Tour. With many great golfers like Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson defecting to the club Leaf Golf Series backed by the Saudi Investment Fund In recent weeks, Finaw on Monday reaffirmed his allegiance to the "best tour of the world".

"For me, at this point in my career, it’s very much about the satisfaction of winning golf tournaments, winning against the best players in the world, and what I feel is the best tour in the world," he said. "The satisfaction that comes from that, no amount of money can buy; it’s just a fulfillment I’m striving for, after all these years of hard work.

"Being at my absolute best, to have the opportunity to reap some of the rewards of winning, nothing can sum up how it feels."

The past two weeks have felt like a lot of progress for those who watched Finau’s run over the past 11 seasons – or more. But the breakthrough did not bring two wins, he is competing; The winner is just the loser, he likes to say.

Finau doesn’t do anything different. But long after a tie, the results began to match his game.

He said, "I don’t know if 'breakthrough' is the word; maybe some comfort there. I think there is some strength from it, some confidence." "I’ve been very patient with myself over the years, to allow myself to develop into what I can become. Now I think it’s great to start seeing some results."

Finau will take the week, spend time with his family, and prepare for the playoff matches. After the end of the regular season in North Carolina, the top 70 players in the standings will get to start the FedEx St. Jude, with 50 of them progressing to the BMW Championship and 30 to the TOUR Championship. The portfolios were similarly raised, with total rewards of $145 million, including $75 million for the FedEx Cup champion.

"I’m excited for next week and the play-offs," he said. "I’m really looking forward to being in those areas, and competing for the FedEx Cup."


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The NBA is investigating the case of James Harden, 76, for tampering

Did James Harden help the Sixers get around the salary cap?

Did James Harden help the Sixers get around the salary cap?
picture: Getty Images

Over the past few years, abandoned NBA governors have generated greater stench due to their players mingling with representatives of other teams before the free agency period officially begins. In 2019, the National Basketball Association passed stricter tampering rules, including increasing the maximum tampering fine to $10 million, suspending executives, forfeiting draft picks, Termination of contracts. The new rules also state that team executives must maintain all communications with players and their representatives for one year.

Last summer, the Miami Heat was selected in the second round to negotiate with Kyle Lowry before the start of the free agency period, while the Chicago Bulls were penalized for jumping the gun in signing and trading with Lonzo Ball. The Philadelphia Sixers are being investigated for something more risky than negotiating early.

This week, the NBA announced that the NBA is investigating James Harden’s decision He rejected the $47.4 million player option for 2022-23 And cut their salaries on a new two-year deal worth $68 million. Harden’s two-year opponent gave him $14.5 million in his haircut for what he would have earned in the contract he chose to opt out of.

Circumvention of the salary cap, which would essentially be an illegal way to compensate players outside the bounds of their contract in order to slip around a salary cap or luxury tax, is a serious crime as far as the NBA is concerned. The gossip mill was hinting that Harden signed a team friend’s two-year extension that would enable him to re-run a maximum of four years in 2023, meaning it was part of a wink deal he would have for the Super Max in 2023.

Additionally, before Harden agreed to an extension, Morey signed Danuel House and PJ Tucker. These two signings gave the National Basketball Association a chance. House and Tucker were former teammates of Harden in Houston, prompting the NBA to link their acquisitions to their investigation. However, nothing concrete has emerged indicating any irregularities. Harden has polished his rep as the most stealthy movers and shakers in the league.

In the age of player empowerment, the stars have taken it upon themselves to choreograph their next choreography, but Harden is a Machiavellian about his machinations. Where most players in the Harden position were signing a string of two-year deals with a second-year player option, Harden maximized his earning potential and maintained his ability to sign Super Max. The "1 + 1″ strategy leaves money on the table. Harden’s willingness to seize the opportunity in 2022, and his alleged sequence manipulation, is what made the league spotlight Philly.

Harden and the Sixers It was already under scrutiny For the events that led to his trade from Brooklyn before the 2022 trade deadline. In January, Yahoo Sports Chris Hines It addressed the possibility of league owners obtaining the Philadelphia investigation for collusion if a signature and circulation were announced. At the time, the prospects of Brooklyn trading with Harden before the summer seemed remote, but so were Harden’s ties to Morey, who acquired him from Oklahoma City a decade ago, and minority owner Michael Rubin who had hawk-trained eyes in Philly’s front office. Raised when the mid-season exchange dropped.

Circumstances have changed, but the Board of Governors conducted the investigation they hinted at after all. If anything goes wrong, the 76ers and Harden should have been knowledgeable enough to avoid the mistakes that messed up the Heat and Bulls by waiting a few days for their plans to be confirmed rather than announcing complicated deals within seconds of the free agency period.

Morey should have known that the NBA would be checking his actions this summer. Unless the NBA has an injunction to tap phones, it would be shocking if anything came up. Everyone knows that you don’t discuss actions via text. NBA players can afford burning cells, and if the Secret Service can do overall national security, then surely players' agents and GM can wiggle out of the NBA’s purview. On the other hand, when anything related to the process disappears smoothly?



Unofficial results from Semifinals 2 at Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo – 30 July 2022 | News

leslie smallego barrel racing photo

Leslie Smallego on her horse Justaheartbeattofame (Justaheartofawarrior x Yawl A Fame Maker x Dash Ta Fame). (image file)

Here are the unofficial results from the Semifinals 2 at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo on Saturday, July 30, 2022.

Bareback riding: 1, (tie) Jacek Lane Frost, Browns Valley, CA, on Smith Pro Rodeo Neurotech Tody; Dean Thompson, Altamont, Utah on the Sankey Pro Rodeo retriever and Venom Genetics; Caleb Bennett, Corvallis and Montana on Sankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics' Outlaw tunes, 85.5 points, $2,429 each. 4, (tie) Evan Keeler Bitoni, Tonalia, Arizona, and Tim O’Connell, Zwingle, Iowa, $85, 911. 6, (tie) Yum Jans, Thalkhwa, Uklah; Bronke Marriott, Woods Cross, Utah and Ty Pop, Marshall, Mo., 84, $160.

Separation: 1, Alli Masters, Lyon, Iowa, 4.2 seconds, $6,088. 2, Brady Judd, Abilene, Texas, 4.4, $4612. 3, Macy Young, Whittmann, Ariz. , 4.8, $3,321. 4, Jennifer Kanek, Iowa, Los Angeles, 5.2, $2,214. 5, Reagan Cotton, Fairfield, Texas, 5.3, $1,291. 6, Devan McAdow, Hyannis, Neb. , 5.9, $922.

connecting cord: 1, Tyson Durphy, Brooke, Texas, 10.7, $5200. 2, Hudson Wallace, George West, Texas, 11.0, $4,300. 3, Blake Ash, Aurora, Missouri, 11.5, $3,400. 4, Kase Bacque, Huntsville, Texas, 12.2, $2,500. 5, Trenton Smith, Bigfoot, Texas, 13.1, $1,600. 6, (tie) * Trent Creager, Stillwater, Okla. , and Haven Meged, Miles City, Mont. , 13.8, $450 each. * Progress based on tie break.

rookie saddle bronk: (round 1) No. 1, Isaac Richard, Eunice, La. , 83 points on Prairie Worm from Korkow Rodeo, $1,252. 2, Chance West, Chino Valley, Arizona, $80, $941. 3, (tie) Rowdy Dunklin, Cheyenne, Wyo. , and Cable Wareham, Whiting, Kan. , 79, $564 each. 5, (tie) Denton Ward, Goodwill, Oklahoma, and Clancy Glenn, Parma, Idaho, $77, $226 each. (Round 2): 1, Red Indigo, Sanger, Calif., 8 at Korkow Rodeo’s What Feathers, $1,242. 2, Ira Dickinson, Rock Springs, yo, 81, $941. 3, Carson Bingham, Rigby, Idaho, $77, $677. 4, Laverne Born Trig, Elsmere, Neb. , 76, 451 dollars. (total for two): 1, Wareham, 154, $1,242. 2, Q McWhorter, San Luis Obispo, CA, 150, $941. 3, Bingham, $149,677. 4, Dunklin, $147,451. 5, (tie) Jacob Benham, Dodge City, Cannes, and Dickinson, $146, $226 each.

Bronco saddle riding: 1, Kew Taylor, Casper, Wyoming, 86 points in Summit Pro Rodeo 86, $3,051. 2, Cady Bruno, Chalice, Idaho, 84, $2,312. 3, Stetson Wright, Milford, Utah, 83.5, $1,664. 4, Ross Griffin, Tularosa, New Mexico, 83, $1,110. 5, Will Bullock, Utopia, Texas, $82.5, $647. 6, Weston-Patterson, Waverly, Kahn, and Tanner Pattner, Daniel, Yu, $231, $231 each.

tug team: No. 1, Paul David Tierney, Oklahoma City and Tanner Braden, Dewey, Oklahoma, 8.7 seconds, $5200. 2, Chad Masters, Cedar Hill, Tenn, and Paul Ives, Londel, Mo., 9.1, $4,300. 3, Turner Harris, Killdeer, ND, and Matt Kasner, Cody, Neb., 9.3, $3,400. 4, Brayden Parker and Dustin Searcy, Scottsdale, Arizona, 11.0, $2500. 5, Brett Williams, Hammond, Mont, and Cayden Cox, Arroyo Grande, California, 18.0, $1,600. 6, Rio Nutter, Rapid City, SD, and Daine McNenny, Hereford, SD, 18.0, $900.

Steer Wrestling: 1, Jesse Brown, Baker City, fifth, 6.9 seconds, $4,060. 2, Will Lummus, Pehala, Miss, 7.2, $3360. 3, Bridger Chambers, Stevensville, Mont. , 7.6, $2,660. 4, Mason Couch, Bronaugh, Mo. , 7.9, 1960 dollars. 5, Trell Etbauer, Goodwell, Okla. , 8.9, $1,260. 6, Denton Good, Long Valley, SD, 9.1, $700.

barrel race: No. 1, Leslie Smallego, Skiatuck, Oklahoma, 17.16 seconds, $5,120. 2, Taycie Matthews, Wynne, Ark. , 17.28, $4,237. 3, Jessica Routier, Buffalo, SD, 17.36, $3,354. 4, Rachel Riggers, Lewiston, Idaho, $17.47, $2,472. 5, Presley Smith, Dunham Springs, Los Angeles, 17.50, $1,589. 6, Lisa Lockhart, Oehlrichs, SD, 17.67, $883.

bull riding: (five rounds) 1, Garrett Smith, Rexburg, Idaho, 89.5 points over United Pro Rodeo Paradise, $3,181. 2, Shad Wayne, Navi, Utah, $86, $2,105. 3, Dawson Gilves, Amarillo, Texas, 83, $1,216. 4, Jeff Asci, Athens, Texas, 82, $1,216. 5, Jared Parsonage, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada, $80.5, $748.



10 to watch when Mizzou Football Camp kicks off | Mizu sports news

COLOMBIA, MO – Missouri’s third pre-season football camp under coach Eli Drinkowitz kicks off Monday, one month away from Thursday night’s season opener against Louisiana Tech.

First, though, the Tigers face four weeks of practice as a whirlwind of new faces looks to grab bigger roles this fall. A program that has been on the move over the past two years is now settling into camp with a clear ambition to form the 2022 team.

"We’ve gotten to the point where we can say, 'This is the way we’re doing here,'" Drinkewitz said earlier this month at the Southeastern Conference Media Days. "And that’s good for us going forward."

Here are 10 people – or in some cases groups of people – to keep a close eye on over the next several weeks as camp begins.

1. Quarterback

There is no bigger story in the camp. The quarterback who takes the first snapshot of the season on September 1 may not be the same as the quarterback who takes the midseason snapshot, but Drinkewitz clearly wants pre-season camp to decide his best option for the year opener. Here’s what we know: Drenkewitz will start his third season with a third different player to start. Shawn Robinson opened 2020 Under the Center; It is now Kansas State Security. Conor Baslak was the current pick in 2021; He is now competing for the same job in Indiana.

People also read…

Brady Cook

Missouri quarterback Brady Cook throws during training Thursday, March 3, 2022, at the University of Missouri Athletic Training Complex in Columbia, Mo.

Laurie Scrivan, Post-Dispatch

That leaves returning Brady Cook and Tyler McConne, seventh-year Jack Abraham, and freshman Sam Horn. There is only a lot of first-team footage available in August.

"It’s not always about the stats," Drenkewitz said. "It’s about making the decision and getting your group into the end zone. There’s a great book called Extreme Ownership, and it talks about in chapter two that leadership is important (and) it doesn’t matter who runs the boat crews. The most successful boat crews, if you take that captain and put him on a crew The less effective boat, it will make an impact. We need these intermediaries to lead, whether it’s the third set, the fourth set, the first set, the second set. If they put their group in the end zone, they are showing us their ability to lead and get the most out of the rest of your teammates ".

Abraham has been in college (six) more than the other three contenders combined (three), adding an unparalleled playing experience to the mix since his arrival in June. A former Southern Mississippi rookie who spent the past year in the Mississippi State program, the veteran had already made an impression with his summer practice.

“He understands the process of being in a quarterback fight. It’s nothing new to him,” Drenkewitz said. “I don’t think a lot of things surprise him. These are the intangible things. These are the things that when he finally decided to choose the University of Missouri, we knew these quantities were known."

2. Luther Burden III, wide receiver

The first team midfielder(s) will be working a lot with No. 3 over the next four weeks. The nation’s highest-rated recipient as an East St. Louis High, the up-and-coming player appeared as the SEC playmaker during a productive spring. But the five-star offer is not a finished product. This could be a pivotal month for Burden.

Luther Bearden

Missouri wide receiver Luther Borden receives a pass during soccer practice on Thursday, March 3, 2022, at the University of Missouri Athletic Training Complex in Columbia, Mo.

Laurie Scrivan, Post-Dispatch

“There will be development processes, and there will be a different level of competition,” Drenkewitz said. "There will be frustrations. You have to ignore what is affected by the outside and people who are not focused on our team… and we have to do a good job as players and coaches who only embrace who he is and not set any undue expectations."

3. Blake Baker, defensive coordinator

The third time is a charm, isn’t it? Drinkwitz’s third defensive coordinator in three years has experience running a college defense, giving him an immediate advantage over last year’s coordinator, Steve Wilks, the longtime NFL coach who struggled to adapt to the college game. At some point, Drinkwitz has to put the right person in place to manage the defense. After 2020, Ryan Walters left the position for Illinois—Drinkowitz did not fire him but did urge him to stay—and Walters continued to oversee the improved Big Ten defense in 2021. Baker, with prior coordinating experience at Louisiana Tech and Miami, could make an impact Similar to Mizzou.

"He has definitely set expectations about how he expects the defense to play," Drenkewitz said. “Blake is a guy who brings incredible passion and energy to the workplace every day. He is young. He is vibrant. He definitely knows what to look for in this defense.”

4. Re-contenders

The Tigers have another month to sort out the depth of their back run. Will Drinkewitz rely on a single workforce like the past two seasons (Larry Rountree II in 2020, or Tyler Badie in 2021), or will he split the contenders among a long list of contenders? Nate Pete, the Stanford transfer, has the biggest game experience at this level. Elijah Young and Michael Cox played the longest stints in Drenkwitz’s attack. Cody Schrader, who moved Truman to Truman State, turned heads in the spring. Four-star freshman Tavoros Jones may have the best.

5. Tyrone Hopper, linebacker

Perhaps the best addition to the team from the transfer gate, the former Florida Gator is the kind of playmaker the Tigers haven’t had since Nick Bolton roamed midfield.

6. Men in the middle

Who’s Replacing Two-Year Mainstay Mike Mighty? The competition for the starting position starts in the spring. The transfer of Buffalo Pines Bolgar has started 11 college games, but he will have to turn away other contenders, including freshman Connor Tollison.

7. Dominique Lovett, slot receiver

Lovett saw the court as a rookie but his passing role fluctuated throughout the year – and QB’s erratic play didn’t help produce it. But he has since moved into the hatch and could be ready to spend a year in a crowded reception room.

8. Narrow ends

The team’s top three tight ends from 2021 are gone, opening the door to lower tier men and a new one on the gate, Tyler Stevens, another Buffalo move. Ryan Horstkamp, ​​a preparatory year student from Washington, Missouri, could be ready to get started, too. Will the tight ends affect the scrolling game or will it primarily act as a barrier? The next few weeks can answer that question.

9. Ines Rakestrau Jr., Kornback

One of Drinkwitz’s most popular recruits, Rakestraw started every game as a freshman in 2020 and then picked up a season-ending knee injury last fall after an uneven start to the year. Rakestraw has missed spring practices but should be ready for the season. Does he regain an elementary job? If so, he’ll play against Chris Abrams-Drain, who goes from a nickel-buck player to an outside corner in Baker’s 4-2-5 chart.

10. Transfer D-Processing

Mizzou hit the gate hard to help out in the trenches, especially in a defensive tackle, adding four Power Five transitions in the center: Jayden Jernigan (Oklahoma State), Ian Matthews (Auburn), Josh Landry (Baylor) and Christian Williams (Oregon). The line was set along the edges with Isaiah McGuire and Trajan Jeffcoat, both All-SEC nominees, but MU added seasoned depth to DJ Coleman’s transfer in Jacksonville State.



Arsenal 6-0 Sevilla: Gabriel Jesus scored a hat-trick in a stunning win for Arsenal

Gabriel Jesus marks his Arsenal debut with HAT-TRICK as Mikel Arteta’s men finished off their pre-season campaign in style by thrashing Sevilla 6-0 to lift the Emirates Cup

  • Arsenal put in an outstanding performance in their last pre-season friendly
  • Arsenal bypassed Sevilla, scoring four goals in nine minutes of the first half
  • New signing Gabriel Jesus was the star of the show as he scored three goals
  • Bukayo Saka scored twice and substitute Eddie Nkeitia sealed the score
  • Arsenal face Crystal Palace in the opening match of the Premier League on Friday night

Gabriel Jesus scored a hat-trick on his first home appearance to take his pre-season tally to seven before Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta declared, "We want more".

The Brazilian striker, who signed from Manchester City for £45m, has stolen the bid from fellow first-timers Oleksandr Zinchenko and France defender William Saliba, as well as newly appointed captain Martin Odegaard.

But Arteta insisted he wanted to add more firepower to his squad ahead of Friday night’s opening game away to Crystal Palace.

Gabriel Jesus scored a hat-trick in his first appearance at the Emirates Stadium in an Arsenal shirt

Gabriel Jesus scored a hat-trick in his first appearance at the Emirates Stadium in an Arsenal shirt

Asked if he was satisfied with his offensive options and summer spending of £117m, the Spaniard replied: 'We still hope to do something else if the market allows us to do so.

We’ve seen some movement in the other direction as well. We just want to get the perfect balance and execute the plan we wanted from the start (in the transfer window).

"I don’t know if we can or not, but I’m happy with what we’ve done so far."

Arteta also expressed his happiness yesterday to discuss the appointment of former Real Madrid midfielder Odegaard as a permanent replacement for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as captain.

The 23-year-old Norwegian shared the captain’s armband with Alex Lacazette after the Gabonese striker was sacked and sold to Barcelona last January.

Bukayo Saka scored a brace to put Arsenal in a statement against Sevilla

Bukayo Saka scored a brace to put Arsenal in a statement against Sevilla

Substitute Eddie Nketia ended the scoring when he finished on the counter-attack

Substitute Eddie Nketia ended the scoring when he finished on the counter-attack

"I am proud to make this announcement because I think he is a really good person to make the commitment to the club," Arteta said.

Since he’s been here for 18 months, he values ​​this football club in the best possible way. He has a desire and ambition to take this club to a different level.

His desire to contribute and drive this team and the way he is respected by everyone within this organization is clearly visible.

"He’s the captain of his national team and I think that was the right call."

Arteta also confirmed that he has allowed Portuguese left back Nuno Tavares to sign a season-long loan with French side Marseille amid reports that defender Hector Bellerin is ready to join Real Betis.

He did not confirm Bellerin’s departure but said: 'We don’t know – we go case by case. For Nuno development, this step will be really important.

New Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard lifts the Emirates Cup after a violent display

New Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard lifts the Emirates Cup after a violent display

And while every touch of defender Saliba’s clean-sheet debut on home soil was greeted by 60,000 spectators in this Emirates Cup match, it was Jesus' goals that made the fans hype at home. His seven goals have helped secure five wins from five pre-season games since his move from City.

"You hope someone hits the ground running but they have to adjust to a lot of joining a new club, a new city, new teammates," Arteta said.

He did it in a quick and natural way. Other players look for him on and off the ball and he communicates in a really fast and natural way. I am really happy with him.

Bukayo Saka scored twice and substitute Eddie Nketiah was also on the list of results after Jesus was linked with Odegaard as he scored his goals in the 13th, 15th and 77th minutes.

And Arteta concluded: 'Martin makes Gabe better and he needs to be threatened in front of him. It can find the final pass at any moment indoors or outdoors. I think the connection is already there.

Follow Sportsmail’s live blog for the pre-season match between Arsenal and Sevilla.



Braxton Perius streams into Gates' junior class: 'Influential Players'

He’s everyone’s favorite and fans do it all, before fans even rally blondes to his side.

"It’s fun being embraced by this fan base, and frankly one of the first fan bases in the NFL – not even really close to it," said Braxton Berius. "They are tough."

And on the sunny day when Piraeus was back for team practice, green-clad fans were in the stands for the first time, and the Jets came out with four picks for rounds one and two, Piraeus started breaking news to the New York, New York Post about why the rookie would soon be embracing as it is.

Cornback sauce gardner He made a back-jump at the end of DJ Reed’s choice of six from Zach Wilson.

“There is a reason we chose him with the fourth [overall] Prius said. “He is an eccentric athlete, and he comes on really well. I am excited to watch him every day at camp and then as the season begins.”

Gardner has that athletic arrogance that all gamers need, especially corner players. And those long arms.

"He has long arms," ​​Prius said. “Obviously this presents difficulties for wide receivers, to get around, get around, and then also have the velocity to cover the distance. But yes, it is very weak.”

Braxton Pirios
Braxton Pirios
Bill Costron/New York Post

Garrett Wilson wide receiver, 10th choice.

“Very athletic. Prius said.

Narrow end CJ Uzomah looks like Wilson’s deer.

“I always call it a deer,” Prius said. “It’s lifelike. I know I said this about sauce, but it’s also refreshing, it has king arms, and a string hand. It has a wide target range, yet it’s very explosive.”

Wilson apparently dropped the ball, when he was asked to sing an old-school R&B number for Vets.

"He should go again," Prius said. Was it that bad? It wasn’t like that," Breus said. "It didn’t sell. You just need to sell. All we want is effort. You can’t be nervous. You have to be in it all."

A better measure for outside quarterback Jermaine Johnson, the 26th pick, will come on Monday when the Jets lay the pads.

“It’s very hard to judge the limited abilities we’ve been able to do, but as camp goes on, I think we’ll see some fun things out of it. … always with a smile on his face, just go and go,” Prius said. Kind of the way they do it."

The takeaway: "These three are going to be influential players for us this year, I think," said Piraeus.

Gardner sauce
Gardner sauce
Bill Costron/New York Post
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson
Noah K. Murray New York Post

RB Breece Hall, the 36th pick, could be the fourth impact player.

"I can’t wait for the pads to come out because you see a bit more about why they are, but the same thing – a strong athlete… built from the ground up in a way. He looks very strong. He can do everything – he has good hands," said Piraeus. He can go out on the roads. There’s nothing I haven’t seen him do."

Many fans shouted positive comments about Berrios on the hair.

"I was blonde when I got older, I’ve been blonde my whole life, and as I got older, it got darker and darker. I’ve thought about it a few times, and I just kind of wanted to change going to camp and I thought this was the perfect time to do it," said Piraeus with a smile. .

Berrios thought it was the perfect time, and the Jets were the perfect team to build on their All-Pro year as a return and safety blanket for Zach Wilson and MDP—the most dependable player—and sign him to a two-year, $12 million deal.

“I saw the tide turn,” Prius said. “I didn’t feel like 4-13 years old. I felt like the tide was turning, and I wanted to be a part of this, and get the planes back where they should be.”

A lot depends on the midfielder.

"Since he came, I’ve been trying to be a resource for him," Barrios said. "You’re coming in as the New York Jets quarterback at 21. I can’t imagine. We’ve built a great relationship and great chemistry, and we’ve been really good friends ever since."

Jermaine Johnson
Jermaine Johnson

Wilson will turn 23 on Wednesday.

“He’s very comfortable in the system now,” said Perius, “and you can tell by the way he walks, the way he throws the ball, the way he talks. He really is.”

Last year Berrios averaged 30.4 yards per comeback, the best in the league, with one touch. He averaged 13.4 yards per return, and his slot receiver was cunning and dangerous (46-431-2 TDs) as well. More mouths to feed now.

"We have an exceptional team…one of the sportiest teams I think I’ve ever been around," Prius said. "The best part about it is that everyone is on the same page. We don’t have a selfish guy in the room across all skill jobs. We want to see each other eat, we want to see each other get fed, and we just do plays. I think that would be a really exciting thing to watch." This year ".

The playoffs or the statue?

“You play this game to win,” Prius said.

He is sure the Jets won the draft.



The fun of swimming: How getting in the water can improve physical and mental health

Even a leisurely swim can burn upwards of 400 calories per hour, more than twice the amount of walking.

The relatively low impact of water activities as opposed to running makes them ideal outlets for those with minor injuries, as well as the elderly.

And it’s not just short-term gains, there are also permanent benefits to swimming.

Regular swimmers have a 28% lower risk of early death and a 41% lower risk of dying from heart disease and stroke, according to the Report By the Swim England Committee in 2017.

calm water

While the physical enhancements of swimming are widely documented, the mental health benefits of getting into the water are less well known, but just as impressive.

In 2019, nearly half a million Britons living with a mental health diagnosis said swimming reduced the number of visits to a medical health professional, according to Swimming England.

It is increasingly understood that swimming in open water – at naturally cooler temperatures – has mental health benefits.

A woman swims to cool off in Lake Xhemas, a small natural lake located in Valbona National Park near Dragobi, on August 4, 2021.

For those who want to counteract the cold, the hormone dopamine is released by reaching the cold water, ensuring a rush of endorphins that can last for hours after being dehydrated.

Research conducted by the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom reaped the anti-inflammatory properties of cold water A growing body of anecdotal evidence It can dampen the inflammatory responses that cause anxiety and depression.

Just being in a so-called "blue environment", near an ocean or body of water, is known to reduce stress responses.

Writing for CNN last summerFrontline worker Dr. Mark Lieber spoke about the transformative effect of a simple dip in the pool in helping ease the burden of the previous year, both literally and figuratively.

"My first thought when I was diving under the surface of the water was that I felt a little more refreshed than usual, probably due to the extra weight from the quarantine," Lieber said.

“But as I continued to slip through the water, my initial anxiety about weight gain replaced a feeling of relief, as if the water was cleaning me from the stress that had built up during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Stroke After a stroke, I was feeling better in my mood, clearing my mind and relaxing my body."

Epiphany moment

Rachel Ash, founder swimming mental healthis a living testament to the positive mental impact of open water swimming.

Based in the UK, Mental Health Swims is a volunteer-led peer support community that organizes open water meetings across the UK.

After receiving her mental health diagnosis in 2018, Ash started running but lost confidence after some frightening slips on the ice during the winter.

By the end of the year, she was feeling "really unwell" and "everything was a challenge," but on New Year’s Day, Ash – quite literally – dived into a new future.

In defiance of the "Loony Dook" – an annual event that sees brave participants take off into the freezing waters near Edinburgh, Scotland – Ashe returns to shore trembling but has changed.

"It was very painful and I didn’t enjoy it," Ash said. CNN Sport"But the very strange feeling of being connected to my body after living miserably in my bad mind for so long was a true epiphany moment for me."
New Year's Day swim meets Mental Health Swim at Caswell Bay in Swansea, Wales.

Six months later, 30 people joined Ashe for the swim meet and the group’s growth has been significant since then, even through the pandemic.

This year, Mental Health Swims will host more than 80 swim meet – from Cornwall in southwest England all the way to Loch Lomond in Scotland – led by volunteer trained swim hosts with a focus on inclusion and peer support.

The reasons for joining vary. For some, this is a sense of community, while others seek mental alertness and a rush of endorphins after swimming.

Ash loves water as an alternative safe space away from the more intimidating environment of the gym, a passion that breathed new life into her mental health.

"I’ve learned that my disagreements are a strength and not something I’m ashamed of," Ash said. “I never thought I could do the things I do today.

"I will always have mental illness, but I’m much better at taking care of myself these days. I still feel great, but with medication, therapy, outdoor swimming, healthy relationships and happiness, I’m really, really good."

Mental Health Swims has gone from strength to strength since its founding in 2019.


Few are more apt to talk about the physical and mental health benefits of swimming than Sarah Waters, who lives in the coastal county of Cornwall.

After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis during her undergraduate studies, Waters has lived with symptoms of chronic inflammatory disease for more than a decade.

Aggressive treatments and medications proved to be very draining, and after she returned from traveling and working in Australia, the lump on her neck turned out to be skin cancer.

The physical and emotional toll of cancer removals and changing treatments has been compounded by the need for protection during the pandemic, but Waters' fortunes took a turn when — after a small push from her mother — she began swimming in the sea.

The water took a swim during the epidemic.

"She started going and kept saying, 'You should come, it’s really helping with your mental health,'" Waters told CNN.

"When you go out, you get a little bit of a rush, like you’ve just woken up somehow. I know that sounds really weird, but it definitely gives you that subtle feeling that you’ve achieved something you never did that I think you would be able to do before."

And so he began a strict adherence, even during the winter, to swimming two to three times a week—sometimes Waters' only way to leave the house due to protection requirements.

Since her first adventure at sea with her mother, Waters has never looked back.
From relieving muscle stiffness and increasing flexibility in joints, swimming has a number of physical boosters for those with arthritis, according to the charity. vs arthritiswhich Waters wrote about.

For Waters, these bodily elements line up with mental health benefits.

“You always get a sense of fear, right before going in like, 'Can you do that?’” Waters said. "

Meet the black women striving for equality in swimming

"But I do and then, it’s a sense of accomplishment in a way, for your physical and mental health, it’s definitely doing something.

“With all the medication, you can feel very tired a lot of times — when you have a day off, you’re too tired to feel like you have the energy to do it — — but once you do, it energizes you.

"Once you begin to improve your symptoms of anxiety or depression, this can also give you physical benefits."

After completing his first swim over a year ago, Dr. Lieber looked forward to starting a four-night work in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

"I usually dread the first night shifts," he said. “But somehow the task seemed more manageable than usual.

"Whatever happens tonight, it will happen. Whatever happens, there will always be tomorrow."



Cristiano Ronaldo tells Manchester United he has an offer from a rival team

Cristiano Ronaldo tells Manchester United he has an offer from a rival club, and the willing veteran urges the Red Devils to set their price so he can move a move.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo asked to leave Manchester United before his last year
  • The Portuguese star has reportedly told the club that an offer is awaiting him
  • This is despite the fact that United have not received any inquiries about their star player
  • Ronaldo is said to have asked the club to determine his transfer fee

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly told Manchester United he has an offer on the table to leave the club this summer.

the sun They claim the Portuguese star, who wants to leave Old Trafford, has urged United chiefs to set their price for him, so he can move away at the end of the transfer window.

This comes despite a number of major clubs in Europe, including Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid, being kept out of signing the 37-year-old and United receiving no inquiries.

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly told Manchester United he has an offer

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly told Manchester United he has an offer

The Portuguese superstar is said to have asked the club to set his asking price

The Portuguese superstar is said to have asked the club to set his asking price

Ronaldo, along with his agent Jorge Mendes, held confrontation talks with the Manchester United hierarchy this week – after telling the club of his intention to leave earlier this summer.

Mendes is said to have informed the club that Ronaldo has a "live offer" and that the transfer fee should be named after his star player.

The report does not mention any side interested in signing Ronaldo.

In addition to Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid, the likes of Chelsea and Napoli have been linked with Ronaldo this summer.

Sportsmail reported on Wednesday that Ronaldo had asked to be released from his £360,000-a-week contract before his final year.

Ronaldo only returned to Carrington this week and hasn't indulged in Erik ten Hag's tactics

Ronaldo only returned to Carrington this week and hasn’t indulged in Erik ten Hag’s tactics

United responded that they had no desire to sell him and confirmed that there had been no change in their position, and had not received any inquiries.

The Sun added that the Red Devils had rejected their proposal to allow Ronaldo to leave freely by terminating his contract, due to what was described as his "loyalty" to the club.

Ronaldo only returned to Carrington on Tuesday after missing all of United’s pre-season tours to Thailand and Australia.

The club had hoped to beat Ronaldo but talks failed to change his mind about his desire to leave – although he will continue in a professional manner.

The talks failed to change the 37-year-old’s opinion about his desire to leave, but he will continue to work in a professional manner.

Clubs, including Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich, have distanced themselves from Ronaldo's moves

Clubs, including Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich, have distanced themselves from Ronaldo’s moves

He underwent medical tests and then trained on Wednesday before watching his teammates play a friendly behind closed doors against Wrexham.

It was thought that the weekend’s double friendlies against Atletico Madrid on Saturday in Oslo and Rayo Vallecano at Old Trafford on Sunday might come too soon.

But it is believed that Ronaldo may be keeping an eye on Rayo Vallecano, which will feature a second series side.

He has been working hard in the gym after being excused from the tour due to family reasons.

But as a result, Ronaldo has not indulged in Tin Hag’s methods before the new season and they will have to be gradually reintegrated.



An angry history of Shawn Avery as he was divorced by Hilary Rhoda

Swim model and Vogue cover girl Hilary Rhoda shocked people when she married the most hated man in ice hockey in 2015.

The only surprise was that she lasted nearly seven years with Sean Avery, with whom she had a young son, before she filed for divorce on Wednesday, citing "irreconcilable differences".

Avery, 42, who played in the NHL for 13 seasons — including two stints with the New York Rangers — married Rhoda, 35, in 2015. They separated on July 17, according to court documents filed in Los Angeles earlier this year. the week.

And Twitter has opinions about it.

“What in the HECK did she see in him?!” An Avery hater tweeted. "He seems to have been kicked out of everything he tries and fights with everyone. At some point when you finally ask, 'Maybe me?'"

“Who would have thought that living with Sean Avery could be so difficult?” Roadmagnet wondered.

The couple married in 2015 after meeting in a bar.
The couple married in 2015 after meeting in a bar.
Avery and Rhoda share a son Nash, now 2.
Avery and Rhoda share a son Nash, now 2.
@hilaryrhoda / Instagram

It’s the latest snapshot in the face of Avery, who has left a string of angry people, arrests and lawsuits in his wake over the years. In the NHL, he was known for his in-game squabbles.

Off the ice, he was accused of everything Hit his motorbike in a car He was blocking a bike lane in 2019 (convicted of felony mischief after trial in June) He mocks former Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown and his wifewho Avery thought wasn’t pretty enough for an NHL star.

Then there was a time in 2008, when he publicly mocked fellow NHL teammate Dion Vanoff for dating Avery’s ex-actress Elisha Cuthbert, calling her "mysterious seconds. "

Avery was arrested days before his wedding in Rhoda for allegedly throwing stones at cars, Storm the set of an Off-Broadway show In 2014 when he collapsed due to an assistant serving him pizza, and Twitter threw a tantrum against homeless lawyers in 2016.

Avery played for the Rangers twice, from 2007-2008 and 2009-2012.
Avery played for the Rangers twice, from 2007-2008 and 2009-2012.
NHLI via Getty Images
Rhoda is a swimwear model and Vogue cover girl.
Rhoda is a swimwear model and Vogue cover girl.
Andy Krupa / Invision / AP

His mother-in-law, Marianne Rhoda, wasn’t a fan of Avery either. She tried to get her daughter to sign a contract before marrying him. Instead, Hilary fired Marianne, who was her longtime manager, and did not invite her to the wedding.

Marianne was later subjected to a restraining order in 2017 for harassing her while they all lived close to each other in the Hamptons.

The mother and daughter have been embroiled in lawsuits and counter-suits since 2014 over Marianne’s alleged mismanagement of Hillary’s career and finances.

"Hillary and her mother were very close before this guy came along," Marianne’s friend He told Page Six in 2016.

He told The Post in 2016:
While Avery tried his hand at the world of restaurants and fashion, his former teammate told The Post in 2016: "He doesn’t have a lot of friends in either line of business."
Off the ice, Avery got into verbal altercations with other players — and strangers.
Off the ice, Avery got into verbal altercations with other players — and strangers.
Getty Images

There were few outward signs that Rhoda and Avery were headed for a split.

In April, Avery – who shares a 2-year-old son Rhoda – spurned his wife on her birthday.

"Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world who continues to evolve as a creative, and most importantly, a wonderful mother," he wrote on his Instagram account.

Avery has been somewhat of a passion for life ever since he left hockey. He’s tried his hand at the restaurant business, consulting fashion brands and working for a time flipping houses in the Hamptons. He even trained for Men’s Vogue in the summer of 2008 when, in a rare moment of emotional maturity, Calm down I’m from the Black Eyed Peas, who was about to walk out of the photoshoot because he didn’t like the clothes that were offered to him.

In the NHL, Avery was known for his in-game brawls.
In the NHL, Avery was known for his in-game brawls.
Rhoda's mother was not a fan of Avery - and eventually filed a restraining order against him.
Rhoda’s mother was not a fan of Avery – and eventually filed a restraining order against him.
@hilaryrhoda / Instagram

Although Avery retired from the NHL in 2012, Try to get back to hockey earlier this year after signing with ECHL’s Orlando Solar Bears in February. release him Two days after signing with the team.

Not everyone hates Avery. One of the many lawyers who have represented him in the past told The Post that he had a "strong personality" that made him a good hockey player.

"He’s a fighter, a real street fighter and I think that’s part and parcel of his psyche," the lawyer said. "But I also found him to be very generous and ambitious in his post-hockey career."

The family recently moved from New York to Los Angeles last year.
The family recently moved from New York to Los Angeles last year.
Rhoda said of Avery that
"Some people misunderstand him and think he’s an idiot," Rhoda said of Avery.
Magic movie

Rhoda has defended Avery in the past. She told ML Hamptons, "He gets a bad rep sometimes because he’s not afraid to speak his mind… Some people misunderstand him and think he’s an idiot, but if you know him or are friends with him, he’s one of the coolest people out there. He’ll do anything. For anyone, and he’s very generous."

Their romance began in the New York City Story line. The couple met in the summer of 2009 at Warren 77, a Manhattan bar. Avery described the meeting as Hamptons Magazine Like love at first sight.

“I can tell that I’m part of an old story: a girl walks into a bar and the guy says to her boyfriend, 'This is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I’m going to marry her. "

they got married Four years later at the Parish Museum of Art at Water Mill. A minister from the global Brotherhood movement.

“It’s all smoke and mirrors. He doesn’t have many friends in any field of business,” a former teammate He told the newspaper in 2016.

Neither Avery nor Rhoda answered the calls on Wednesday.



Manchester United’s transfer problems are growing – so, how can they line up against Brighton?

When Erik Ten Hag started working at Manchester United before last season was over, it was his intention to gain a head start preparing for his first campaign at Old Trafford.

This has not been proven to be the case. It is now less than two weeks before United start in the Premier League against Brighton and there are still many problems for the Dutchman.

More importantly, it’s fair to say that things didn’t quite go as planned for Ten Hag in the transfer market.

United have made three new additions so far – Terrell Malacia, Christian Eriksen and Lisandro Martinez – but they are struggling to agree deals for other goals and have been rocked by star striker Cristiano Ronaldo asking him to leave.

Sportsmail He takes a look at the issues still facing the Red Devils and assesses how the team can face Brighton on August 7.

Things didn't go as planned with Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag in the transfer market

Things didn’t go as planned with Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag in the transfer market

Cristiano Ronaldo wants out

It proved to be the biggest transfer saga of the summer and one Ten Hag could definitely do without.

Ronaldo told United that he would like to leave the club, as he feels he cannot compete for the biggest titles while at Old Trafford.

The 37-year-old arrived at Carrington only for the first time in pre-season on Tuesday, having missed the previous three weeks – including the full tour of Thailand and Australia – after being given compassionate leave for a family affair.

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo told Manchester United he wants to leave this summer

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo told Manchester United he wants to leave this summer

Tense talks are continuing over Ronaldo’s future, with the participation of Ten Hag, United CEO Richard Arnold, and striker Jorge Mendes' agent.

Ten Hag has generally remained steadfast on this saga, but reiterated that he wants Ronaldo in his plans for the new season.

Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and even his former club Real Madrid have all turned down the opportunity to sign the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

That is of course fine by United who want him to stay, but could leave them with a very unhappy superstar if Ronaldo is still at the club on September 2.

The 37-year-old arrived at Carrington on Tuesday for the first time in pre-season

The 37-year-old arrived at Carrington on Tuesday for the first time in pre-season

Frenkie de Jong rejects this move

While Ronaldo wants to leave, United struggled to persuade Frenkie de Jong to move to Old Trafford.

The Dutch midfielder is one of Tin Hag’s priority targets this summer, as he was the crown jewel when they were both at Ajax.

Now de Jong is at Barcelona, ​​who have made it clear they want to sell him in order to make room on the wage bill for a host of new signings including Robert Lewandowski and Ravenha.

Frenkie de Jong is said to have told Manchester United he would not move to the club

Frenkie de Jong is said to have told Manchester United he would not move to the club

United have agreed a £63m fee for the 25-year-old, but the problem comes with De Jong himself not keen on the switch.

according to Cadena SerHe has told his teammates at Barcelona and the United hierarchy that he will not move to Old Trafford this summer.

Part of the reason for this is that Barcelona still owes the Dutchman £17m in salaries, which United will urge them to pay.

The Red Devils will not give up chasing De Jong, even if it takes until after the start of the new season. Ten Hag has made it clear that the midfielder is central to his plans, so United captains Richard Arnold and John Murtaugh will make every attempt to get the deal done.

He made midfielder Tin Hag, who managed at Ajax, one of his priority transfer targets

He made midfielder Tin Hag, who managed at Ajax, one of his priority transfer targets

Ajax raises the price of Anthony

And Tin Hag had previously raided his former team, Ajax, for one player in Lisandro Martinez, but he is keen to make it a double by signing the Brazilian winger Anthony.

The problem is that the Dutch champions insist the 22-year-old is not for sale after contributing 12 goals and 10 assists in all competitions last season.

To underscore their message, Ajax have raised the price of Anthony from £68m to £84m – meaning United will have to make him their second most expensive signing ever behind Paul Pogba.

It’s a huge blow for Tin Hag, who has yet to add to the front line since arriving at Old Trafford.

The winger’s representatives were in Manchester earlier this month for talks with the Manchester United hierarchy, but Ajax’s position is making the deal increasingly difficult.

Ajax raises winger Anthony's price from £68m to £84m

Ajax raises winger Anthony’s price from £68m to £84m

How would United line up if all went Ten Hag’s way

In the world of Tin Hag’s dreams, he managed to convince Ronaldo to stay at the club, as well as ensured the signing of his former Ajax player de Jong and Anthony.

All three are likely to enter his starting lineup: De Jong bolsters his midfield, Anthony scores on the right wing and Ronaldo is looking to increase his 24 goals last season.

It is unlikely that there will be more new deals in defence, which is the only area where Tin Hag can confidently plan ahead of the new season.

David de Gea will start his twelfth career among the sticks with United, while Diogo Dalot and Harry Maguire should retain their positions at right-back and centre-back respectively.

Of course there are question marks over Maguire’s whereabouts as Ralph Rangnick brought him down last season after several poor performances, but the England defender retained the leadership under Ten Hag.

Harry Maguire has retained leadership under Ten Hag but still has to fight for his place

Harry Maguire has retained leadership under Ten Hag but still has to fight for his place

The Dutchman praised Maguire in pre-season but also warned that he will have to fight to keep his place like any other player.

The only thing that could help Maguire is the arrival of a new £55m Lisandro Martinez alongside the left centre-back, allowing the former Leicester player to move into a more natural role on the right side.

His new teammate Terrell Malacia is likely to complete the left-back quadrant, ahead of Luke Shaw.

Fred has enjoyed an impressive preparatory season and would be preferred to retain his place in midfield rather than Scott McTominay should De Jong arrive, while Bruno Fernandes is one of the first names on the team’s card.

Jadon Sancho will complete a dangerous front streak alongside Anthony and Ronaldo, who will be hoping to improve in his disappointing first season at Old Trafford.

How could United line up against Brighton if things went the way of Eric ten Hag in the transfer market

How could United line up against Brighton if things went the way of Eric ten Hag in the transfer market

How can United line up if things don’t go the way Ten Hag does

Of course it all sounds very simple. The prospect of De Jong, Antony, and Ronaldo starting against Brighton seems pie in the sky at this point in time.

Without them, United would undoubtedly look weaker. Mainly because they will still be stuck with players who contributed to their worst Premier League tally last season.

In midfield, Scott McTominay is likely to regain his partnership with Fred despite the arrival of Christian Eriksen.

Newcomer Christian Eriksen will not secure a key place in United's midfield

Newcomer Christian Eriksen will not secure a key place in United’s midfield

The Denmark international, who has signed a three-year contract at Old Trafford, scored a goal in his first unofficial appearance in a closed-doors friendly against Wrexham on Wednesday, but it is hard to see a place in the starting line-up for him. He’s an attacking midfielder like Fernandes.

Up front, Anthony Martial has been rejuvenated under Eric ten Hag and has scored three goals in four games in pre-season, but the Frenchman will not be able to replicate Ronaldo’s output across the entire season.

It’s no surprise that United would be keeping an eye on a number of strikers' goals should the Portuguese star depart, with Red Bull Salzburg’s Benjamin Cisco and Napoli’s Victor Osimhen on their radar.

Without Anthony on the wing there would be a reprieve for Marcus Rashford – another player who underperformed last season and who will be eager to prove his worth.

How can the Red Devils start against the Seagulls if things don't go the Dutchman's way

How can the Red Devils start against the Seagulls if things don’t go the Dutchman’s way