San Francisco 49ers consider offensive options for newly signed Deebo Samuel, 'special player'

Santa Clara, CA – San Francisco 49ers wide Debo Samuel On Monday he signed a lucrative three-year contract extension, ending the question of whether he would stay with the team for the foreseeable future.

But Samuel’s new deal has also brought in plenty of other questions regarding his future, the most pressing being: Will the Niners continue to use him in the "wide-back" hybrid role that elevated Samuel to the top spot of the All-Pro team last season?

The answer is yes, according to coach Kyle Shanahan, but what form it takes will depend on multiple factors.

"I suspect [it’s] "Based on everything that’s going on," Shanahan said. From my perspective schematically, from the staff of our team, from Deebo, from what we think gives us the best chance of winning, if we were to move Deebo into a running back, that would be something that we were honest about. … you can’t do that to anyone. You have to do it with a private player and Deebo is a private player. That’s why he got that contract he got and I think that’s why he will continue to earn it in the future."

What Samuel earned was a three-year extension to the 2025 season agreed on Sunday worth up to $73.5 million and including $58.1 million in guarantees. As it turns out, a portion of that maximum value is directly related to the incentives that Samuel could receive should he perform this dual role at a similar production rate for 2021.

Sources told ESPN’s Adam Shifter Monday that Samuel could earn up to $1.95 million over the term of his contract if he meets certain criteria for fast yards and fast landings.

Samuel can earn $650,000 for each season he has 380 yards or more. If he doesn’t get the rushing yards, he can earn $150,000 in bonuses in any season he scores at least three rushing touchdowns. Either way, he can’t earn more than a total of $650,000 per season or more than $1.95 million over the contract period for these rushed incentives.

For comparison, Samuel had his most productive rush season as a professional in 2021, hitting 365 yards and eight touchdowns, making it more likely to earn a TD stimulus and an unlikely total rush to be earned for the purposes of capping salary.

Throughout the holiday period, speculation persisted that Samuel was not satisfied with his role and wanted to cut short his haste attempts. But Shanahan said last week that he and Samuel were on "exactly the same page" when it came to usage.

Shanahan reiterated Monday that Samuel will once again feature prominently in the plans in whatever way is necessary to help the 49ers win depending on the opponent, what they see in the movie, and how the 53-person roster and potential groups of people are shaped.

“When Depo stays healthy and is able to rehearse things and is able to go through with them, Depo is able to do just about anything,” Shanahan said. “That’s why he helped us so much to win, whether it was in the passing game or the running game or whether it was blocking or throwing the time we asked him to throw. When you have guys with skill sets they can do a number of things that you want to Always make them do it."

After signing his deal Monday morning, Samuel joined his teammates in practice for the first time this season, a session that happens to be the team’s first fully-lined practice.

Because it was Samuel’s first practice, the Niners tempered him, kept him up for surprises, and will continue to increase his workload as the days go by, according to Shanahan. Samuel has achieved several achievements to achieve significant gains from the reserve midfielder Nate Sudfeld In his limited work in group exercises.

Left Handle Trent Williamsa close friend of Samuel, said there was a noticeable increase in energy from getting him back into the barn.

“You watch what he does and he receives wisdom, you watch what he does quickly, you watch his spark plug for the team,” Williams said. "You see us coming out of the locker room, it’s not just for show. That’s how we’re in the locker room. If you go in there now, that boom box would probably be next to his wardrobe. He’s that kind of person and that’s why he’s important to this organization and that’s why We had to have it."



Penguins add Petri, Rota and Smith to the core collection

After the NHL draft, free agency and other off-season moves, is considering where each team stands in preparation for the 2022-23 regular season, which begins October 7. Today, Pittsburgh Penguins:

2021-22 season: 46-25-11, third in the capital division; Lost in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs

Main arrivals

Jeff PetriDr: The 34-year-old was acquired in a commercial deal with Montreal Canadiens on July 16 for defenseman Mike Matheson and a fourth-round pick in the NHL Draft 2023. Petrie scored 27 points (six goals, 21 assists) in 68 games last season, 11 (2 goals, 9 assists) in his last 11 games after returning from a lower body injury. … Ryan BoehlingF: The 23-year-old arrived at Petrie after collecting 17 points (nine goals and eight assists) in 57 NHL games last season and provides the depth needed for the bottom six. … Jean RutaDr: The 32-year-old signed a three-year contract on July 13. The two-time Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning (2020, 2021) scored 18 points (three goals, 15 assists) in 76 NHL games. Last season. … Ty SmithDr: The 22-year-old was obtained by a third-round pick in the 2023 draft of the New Jersey Devils for man of defense. John Marino On July 16. After scoring 20 points (five goals and 15 assists) in 66 games last season, Smith was able to take on Pierre-Olivier Joseph for last place on the left side.

Video: Brian Burke in a bad season for the Penguins

Main departures

Mike MathesonDr: He scored in the National Hockey League 31 points (11 goals, 20 assists) in 74 games last season, second in the Penguins' defense behind him. Chris Letang (68 points; 10 goals, 58 assists). Matheson led Pittsburgh in center with six points (one goal, five assists) in seven Stanley Cup games. … John MarinoDr: He scored 25 points (1 goal, 24 assists) in 81 games last season. Marino has scored four goals in 133 games in the past two seasons, but there was harmony in an ordinary duo Marcus Peterson. … Brian BoyleF: He earned 21 points (11 goals, 10 assists) in 66 games last season after signing a professional test contract on September 3, 2021, and not playing in 2020-21. The 37-year-old remains an unrestricted free agent.

On the edge

Pierre-Olivier Joseph, d: The 23-year-old, who was selected by the Arizona Wolf in the first round (#23) of the 2017 NHL Draft, has five points (one goal, four assists) in 20 games for the Penguins. Joseph could remain at the level of the NHL this season, tasked in part with replacing the lost production of Matheson. … Casper Bjorkvist, Ph: The 25-year-old, selected in the second round (#61) of the 2016 NHL Draft, made his National Hockey League debut last season, scoring one goal in six games, and having 12 points (eight goals, four assists). ) in 54 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton NHL games during his first full professional season. … Valtteri Puustinen, F: The 23-year-old, a seventh-round pick (#203) in the 2019 NHL Draft, earned an assist in his NHL debut against the Vegas Golden Knights on March 11. He had 42 points (20 goals, 22 assists) in 73 AHL games last season.

They still need

The Penguins are content to return a similar set, leaving few possible moves after the signing of Letang and the attackers Yevgeny MalkinAnd the Brian RustAnd the Ricard RaquelAnd the Casperi Cabanen And the Danton Heinen for new decades. They will need to reduce their salaries to come into line with the NHL’s salary cap, perhaps by making another deal.

they said that

When my agent mentioned [Pittsburgh] For me, my eyes got kind of big because you look at what they’ve done in the past and the list they have, just talking to some people, it’s a great organization, a great team. Their desire to win is very clear. That’s the most exciting thing for me to be in a team that’s ready and eager to win." Defender Jeff Petrie

imaginative focus

Letang had a career NHL lead in points and was tied for sixth in the NHL among defenders. He also had the seventh most shots on target in position (214) and tied with him Noah Dobson The New York Islanders are eighth in strengths (22). Letang should be considered a top 60 fantasy player overall and a top 10 defense choice after re-signing with the Penguins to maintain his three-time Stanley Cup championship with him and the elite positions. Sidney Crosby And the owners are healthy. He could also benefit from having more support around him after Petrie was acquired by Pittsburgh, which renewed his imaginative appeal. Petrie had four consecutive 40-point seasons for the Canadians from 2017-18 to 2020-21. – Anna Dua

Expected lineup

Jake Goentzel – Sidney Crosby – Brian Rust

Jason Zucker – Evgeny Malkin – Ricardo Raquel

Danton Heinen – Jeff Carter – Casperi Cabanen

Ryan Boehling – Teddy BloggerBrooke McGinn

Brian Dumoulin – Chris Letang

Marcus Peterson – Jeff Petrie

Ty Smith – Jean Ruta

Tristan Garry

Casey Desmith

The injured: Drake Kajuula



The standings of the defensive back unit before the university football season: preview 2022

College Football News Preview 2022 pre-season unit rankings, looking at the top 10 in back defense and rankings by conference.

College football secondaries getting better and better.

In response to all the high-powered passing games, defenses put more rewards on top-pass attackers, and they get more creative with their defensive backcourts.

Now it’s only natural to have a hybrid safety that can be used as an extra back, as a passing leader, as a corner, and…

Versatility is important, and lots, lots and lots of options matter, because offenses are modded as well.

Putting more defenses on the field is a good thing, but if there’s one weak link, or if a piece malfunctions, our improved offensive passers and coordinators have figured out how to take advantage of that better than ever.

With all that in mind, here are the defensive back units rankings with the top ten players of the season along with the rankings in each conference.

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CFN Preview 2022 pre-season college football unit standings: defensive appearance

Ranking of units by conference: Defensive appearance
Top 10 | ACC | big ten | big 12 | Buck 12 | SEC
AAC | C-USA | Indiana | Mac | M-West | sun belt

1. Alabama

Crimson Tide High was really great, then cornered Eli Ricks of LSU—there’s a shot the first defense to come off the plate in the 2023 NFL Draft. Safeties Jordan Battle and Brian Branch will also work in the next level, Kool-Aid McKinstry and Khyree Jackson are great corners, and Malachi Moore is sure to stand out at a point of safety if his back problems are over.

2 Notre Dame

A secondary shot turns into the team’s greatest strength. Corners Clarence Lewis and Cam Hart can both hit, depth—mostly—is there for all locations, experienced safety, and above all, Northwestern’s move Brandon Joseph may be the best safety in college football.


The transport gate takes away, but it also gives, and gives more. Losing corner star Eli Rex to Alabama is painful, but LSU was able to load up with five excellent transfers – safety Greg Brooks (Arkansas), Joe Focha (Arkansas), Jarek Angles Bernard Converse (Oklahoma State), Mickey Garner (Louisiana), Seven Banks (Ohio State). ), and Quad Wilson (McNeese State) – who must immediately work around safety veteran Jay Ward.

4 Georgia

Like elsewhere in Georgia’s defense, it lost a slew of key starts from last year’s National Championship group. However, Kelee Ringo – the new legend who wrapped up his six CFP title selection – is back in one corner, Christopher Smith is a safety starter in the NFL, and Tykee Smith is a special free safety if he can get past his injury problems.

5 Pennsylvania state

The talent is there, and now the rush to pass should help the case. Joey Porter may be the best corner in the Big Ten, safety JiAyir Brown is the leading returning striker, and Kalen King is a strong corner on the other side of Porter. The last recruiting class is strong enough to squeeze in for useful time.

2022 CFN predictions for each game
ACC | big ten | big 12 | Buck 12 | SEC
AAC | C-USA | Indiana | Mac | M-West | sun belt
CFN 2022 pre-season standings for all 131 الفرق teams
CFN 2022 Preview for all 131 الفرق teams

6 Texas A&M

The Texas A&M defense is full of superstar prospects, but it’s really a little too small in the front six/seven. This goes for major backups in secondary too, but the 5 initiators are very experienced and pretty good. Safeties Demani Richardson and Antonio Johnson are the best of the bunch, but they will all have to keep new players out of their way.

7 Michigan

Wolverine High School lost some huge parts from last year’s group, but it has two potential corner stars DJ Turner and RJ Moten safety, and there was enough rotation to get new rookies ready to step up. Depth is very small, but very talented.

8 Utah

Start with the star-studded Clark Phelps corner and Cole Bishop’s solid safety, throw some good bits around them, add former Illinois State star Clayton Ispel in a safe and cool looking new student Sean Vaki, and this will once again be one of the best defensive backfields for Pac- 12.

9 Yes

The secondary player who took the ball away should be in fairly dangerous combinations with playmaker Riley Moss returning from a knee injury. There is extensive experience of what should be one of the safest pass defenses in the country.

10 South Carolina

SEC’s #1 passing defense – good, in part because everyone ran the ball on the Gamecocks – not only restoring veterans – starting with safety RJ Roderick and Nickel Cam Smith – but also coming in as one of MAC’s best defensive players. in past years. Devonni Reed moves in from central Michigan to take charge with a free safety.

Ranking of units by conference: Defensive appearance
Top 10 | ACC | big ten | big 12 | Buck 12 | SEC
AAC | C-USA | Indiana | Mac | M-West | sun belt

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’We’re still celebrating now': After 24 hours of rare consecutive victories, Tony Fino is still smiling

Professional golfer Tony Finau laughs as he and other golfers demonstrate golf strokes during the Tony Finau Classic Golf Tournament in Farmington on Monday, August 1, 2022 (Scott J. Winterton, Deseret News)

Estimated reading time: 5-6 minutes

Farmington – Less than 24 hours after winning back-to-back PGA Tour titles for the first time in his career, Tony Finau barely had time to breathe – but celebrated alone – his latest honor At the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit While he cycled between jokes, drills and a long-distance friendly competition with some local golfers as part of a clinic with the Tony Finau Classic Golf Foundation.

There was no festive steak dinner the night before, no Early morning ran to McDonald’s – He wasn’t even with most of his family, except for his wife, Alina, who surprised him by going to his hotel on Saturday night before the last round.

After all, Finau had work to do now. He had a charity golf tournament to host, benefiting from the Tony Finau Foundation, which is played each year at Oakridge Country Club in conjunction with the Utah Championship on the Korn Ferry Tour.

So Tony and Alina Finau boarded a small flight that arrived at Provo Airport late Sunday night, and were immediately greeted by dozens of family, friends and supporters to congratulate the four-time winner of the PGA Tour.

And then, there was dancing. Boy, was there dancing.

"We had to catch a flight right away, but we’re still partying now," Finaw said. “My wife had to bring the kids home from Minnesota after that first win, and she told me maybe I should get out of Detroit to celebrate the win.

"I told her, 'It’s OK; when I get home, we’re going to have two wins. I’ve kind of put her in the forefront of my mind to get back on track and get ready to go again in Detroit. I was confident enough…I knew I was playing well enough to put myself down once'. Another one there on Sunday. And to be able to seal the deal was a great feeling."

Finau likes to say that each week can change the course of life on the PGA Tour, as careers are made and some fall apart for one hit, one drive, one bout in the wind. He had an idea since he was a junior golfer, when his late father and mother drove him to local events up and down the Wasatch front, before driving for the show. And the Put the dough.

For the 32-year-old Rose Park native, it took two weeks – perhaps not to prove he belongs on the PGA Tour (he’s done so for several years), but to show he can win over with the best of them. And in the past 10 days, he has established himself as a force, being the first winner of back-to-back regular season events since 2019 with one of the most exciting speculators on the PGA Tour. Before FedEx Cup Qualifiers.

Sunday was a little different, had Finau finished a championship he drove from wire to wire, winning the field he led before Sunday’s final round for the first time in six attempts.

There’s no better place to enjoy it, too, than in its native Utah.

“Utah is definitely home,” said Finow, who splits his time between Lehi and Arizona, where his swing coach Boyd Summerhayes lives. "I love being from Utah, I’m proud to represent Utah. I’ve been interviewing here since I was 7. Going back and celebrating this with Utah and the amazing fan base of Utah is something."

"He’s really cool, and I think a lot of Yotans are proud of him."

Finau was one of the top players on the field in both the Twin Cities and Detroit, and the win simply cemented him as one of the top golfers on the PGA Tour. It is currently ranked No. 7 in the FedEx Cup standings, which will mark the start of the playoffs that will begin in two weeks, rising to No. 13 in the Official World Golf Ratings With a spot in the Presidents Cup roster.

Sage Finau looks at his father, Tony, as he trains on a swing at the Oakridge Country Club in Farmington during the Tony Finau Foundation Golf Classic on Monday, August 1, 2022.
Sage Finau looks at his father, Tony, as he practices on a swing at Oakridge Country Club in Farmington during the Tony Finau Foundation Golf Classic on Monday, August 1, 2022. (Photo: Scott J. Winterton, Deseret News)

So, naturally, as his star shines brighter and the wins continue, the question will follow Finau – whether he likes it or not – about his loyalty to the PGA Tour. With many great golfers like Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson defecting to the club Leaf Golf Series backed by the Saudi Investment Fund In recent weeks, Finaw on Monday reaffirmed his allegiance to the "best tour of the world".

"For me, at this point in my career, it’s very much about the satisfaction of winning golf tournaments, winning against the best players in the world, and what I feel is the best tour in the world," he said. "The satisfaction that comes from that, no amount of money can buy; it’s just a fulfillment I’m striving for, after all these years of hard work.

"Being at my absolute best, to have the opportunity to reap some of the rewards of winning, nothing can sum up how it feels."

The past two weeks have felt like a lot of progress for those who watched Finau’s run over the past 11 seasons – or more. But the breakthrough did not bring two wins, he is competing; The winner is just the loser, he likes to say.

Finau doesn’t do anything different. But long after a tie, the results began to match his game.

He said, "I don’t know if 'breakthrough' is the word; maybe some comfort there. I think there is some strength from it, some confidence." "I’ve been very patient with myself over the years, to allow myself to develop into what I can become. Now I think it’s great to start seeing some results."

Finau will take the week, spend time with his family, and prepare for the playoff matches. After the end of the regular season in North Carolina, the top 70 players in the standings will get to start the FedEx St. Jude, with 50 of them progressing to the BMW Championship and 30 to the TOUR Championship. The portfolios were similarly raised, with total rewards of $145 million, including $75 million for the FedEx Cup champion.

"I’m excited for next week and the play-offs," he said. "I’m really looking forward to being in those areas, and competing for the FedEx Cup."


Latest Utah Golf Stories

A proud alumnus of Syracuse University, Sean Walker has covered BYU for since 2015, while also mixing in prep sports, education, and whatever else his editors hire him to do.

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Machine learning shows promise in identifying patients with nmCRPC

Advanced machine learning methods and natural language processing were combined to identify patients with non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer from electronic health record data.

By combining machine learning with rule-based natural language processing (NLP), researchers have developed an algorithm to take advantage of electronic health records (EHRs) to identify patients with non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (nmCRPC).1

Using electronic health records data from the nationwide Department of Veterans Affairs, researchers identified 13,199 patients in the final nmCRPC cohort of 654,148 prostate cancer patients from 2006 to 2020. Of the total prostate cancer patients identified by the special algorithm In them, 26,506 patients were castration-resistant, but in the nmCRPC group, 8297 patients were excluded because there was evidence of metastatic disease.

The accuracy of this machine learning algorithm was 86% with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that classified patients with metastatic disease, showing 96% accuracy, 99% accuracy and 98% sensitivity. Furthermore, there was an 86% accuracy within 3 months of a patient’s diagnosis for predicting whether he would progress to nmCRPC.

"It is important to be able to identify complex disease states from increasingly accessible electronic health record data," the researchers from the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute wrote in a poster of their study. “We have combined advanced machine learning and natural language processing methods to identify [patients with] nmCRPC from EHR data including a variety of items from multiple sources.”

The researchers used a tiered approach to augment machine learning that was previously trained on a similar group of prostate cancer patients identified in the Veterans Affairs Cancer Registry. International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-9 and -10 codes were divided into 7-day intervals with ICD code numbers in each selected time interval as a set of predictive features for patients who progressed.

This also allowed the researchers to exclude patients without prostate cancer who might have been included in the electronic health records they looked at. Training of patients was introduced into the algorithm to teach it to classify patients. This started if patients had urinary symptoms, if yes, then it was determined whether the patient had bladder cancer or UTI, and if again yes, then these patients were classified as non-prostate cancer. Patients with ICD codes for prostate cancer were given a value of +2 which allowed the appropriate weight of the model to proceed to predicting patient progression.

To further categorize patients, those with evidence of previous surgical castration, androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), or a testosterone level consistent with medical castration were considered those with 50 ng/dL or greater (≤ 2.0 nmol/L) , castrated. These patients were then removed from the group. Furthermore, patients with nmCRPC were defined as having a prostate cancer diagnosis, castration resistance defined by whether the patient had two consecutive increases in PSA during castration, or no evidence of metastatic disease on the radiology report.

In order to identify patients with metastatic disease, patient data was fed through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to find non-negative cues of metastatic disease in radiology reports. The algorithm then used a standardized medical language system to identify metastatic vocabulary and identify metastatic disease patterns, but it still required human review. Once this was done, these patients were given a score to begin identification within the broader algorithm looking at thousands of patients with prostate cancer.

According to the researchers, if a patient does not show signs of metastatic disease but has disease progression, despite having neutered levels of testosterone signaling, he or she switches to nmCRPC. This usually occurs after the patient initially responds to ADT but becomes resistant to therapies that inhibit androgen binding to the androgen receptor, thus hampering the possibility of treatment. Identification of these patients is important for subsequent treatment adjustment and management of disease progression.

"This approach categorizes cancer diagnoses and diagnosis history with reasonable accuracy," the researchers concluded.

Patel V, Rasmussen K, Muriel D, et al. RWD140 using machine learning to identify non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (NMCRPC) patients from electronic health record data. The value in health. 2022; 25 (Supplement 7): S603.



Physicists may have created a strange new state of matter

  • Different pattern of laser pulses can occur Quantum computers way more stable.
  • New search used FibonacciAn inspired, non-repetitive sequence to keep the qubits spinning.
  • This creates a file semi-crystal Effect, with 2D support instead of just one.

    In new research, scientists have been trained atoms To display two forms of time at the same time, well, time. While this phenomenon does not cause time to curvature far from what you would expect when looking at Wall Clock, the matter exhibits behaviors from two different time modes, giving it special properties. Scientists believe that this double-time phenomenon could represent a A new phase of the article.

    Researchers from a few US universities, as well as quantum computing company Honeywell’s Spinoff Quantum, collaborated on the new paper, which appeared late last month in the magazine temper nature. The experimental setup consists of a laser and ytterbium atoms. Ytterbium is a metallic element that makes the arrangement of electrons unusually suitable for responding to laser treatments in a specific region of the wave spectrum. To launch the new 'dynamic topological phase', the scientists first hold the ytterbium atoms in place using an electric ion field – such as magnet—then bombard them with the appropriate wavelength of laser to cool ytterbium supercool.

    Quantinuum in Broomfield, Colorado, is studying a specific quantum computer made up of ten atoms of ytterbium in a common system. It is these ten atoms, held by the above electric fields, that do the computing. It can be a group of atoms entangled– which means they are intrinsically related to a group that functions as one piece, despite being ten separate pieces. Within that, individual atoms can be tuned to reflect different information.

    Think about how the numbers are written. in Binary, the largest ten-digit number is 111111111, which is just 1,023 in total. But you can write ten digits in base 10, our usual counting digits, and get 9999,999,999. This is accomplished simply by increasing the number of possibilities each number can call from (0, 1) all the way to (0, 1,…8, 9). So what about a system where, in theory, all of ten atoms can be placed Anywhere On the dial?

    If that sounds cool, you’re not wrong! There are many reasons why scientists and industrial speculators around the world are eagerly watching the field of quantum computers. But there is still a very big catch, and that’s where this research comes in. Atoms in a quantum computer, known as quantum bits, or qubitreally weak, because we don’t yet have a great way to keep them in quantum state For a long time.

    This is because Observer principle In quantum physics: the measurement of a particle alters the quantum state, and can even destroy the quantum state. In this case, this means untangling all the atoms from the common entanglement yoke. Even worse, the "observer" could be anything that happens in a complex soup of air, forces, and particles throughout a quantum computer.

    Back to the new experience. While the ten atoms are in the entangled state, they are fragile and need to be more stable. Enter three scientists from this research team. In 2018, they hypothesized that they could train ytterbium atoms on it kind of Exist in two streams of time simultaneously. They were inspired by the Fibonacci sequence. In mathematics, it is a series of integers starting with zero and following a simple rule: that each number equals the sum of the two preceding numbers. The start of the sequence will be 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc. The team pulsed the atoms with lasers that alternate in a pattern similar to the Fibonacci sequence, in which the frequency of the pulses grows by including the pieces that came before. But, crucially, number Piece completely repeated.

    By alternating the pulses in this way, they created a quasi-crystal, which is a term for a pattern that is not as regular or repetitive as a real crystal, but has many of the same qualities. A semi-crystal occurs in two parts Dimensions, including both the notion of an alternating pulse as well as the "volume" of the pulse pattern of the Fibonacci sequence, like an (x,y) diagram of lines. Each of these two dimensions comes with its own version of the flow of time. They are both flattened, and inserted, in Not connected After one laser pulsates and stops.

    🤯 More mind-boggling physics

      Get additional "support" for an additional virtual dimension of time It helps make a quantum computer more stable, researchers have confirmed four years after it was first theorized. This is because instead of just one mode of time symmetry, something that is delivered by rhythmic laser pulses, this system has two modes. like throat singerIt "resonates" in two different patterns at the same time.

      The results of this experiment really speak for themselves. With conventional single-mode laser bursts, the quantum computer remained in the quantum state for 1.5 seconds, which is a high rate for this type of test. But when the researchers triggered Fibonacci-inspired quasi-crystalline pulses, the system remained in the quantum state for 5.5 seconds. life in quantum computing.

      Quantinium and its researchers are excited about this discovery, but there is still much work to be done. Next for them would be to find a way to combine this technology with a quantum computing system that is already doing some computing. Hopefully, the increased stability will help support the system while its qubits are vulnerable to observer influence.

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The former Olympic table tennis star causes a stir over his daughter’s Orthodox Jewish partner

A former Olympic table tennis star caused a stir at the Nationals competition earlier this month, when she scolded her daughter’s Orthodox Jewish husband’s partner.

It is said that Fei Ming Tong, who came in ninth at the 2000 Olympics representing Taiwan, called Estee Ackerman, a 20-year-old ping-pong prodigy, 'ugly' and 'a piece of ***' in the United States. Table Tennis National Championships.

She also reportedly dropped F-bombs and said Ackerman’s conservative dress style was "unprofessional" and "disgusting," Ackerman’s father told New York Postbefore her daughter Lucy Chen is eliminated from the competition and Ackerman is left without a partner.

She said the altercation left Ackerman crying.

“This was discrimination,” Glenn Ackerman said, noting that both Tong and her daughter, as well as the Ackerman family, live on Long Island — and Tong once trained his daughter to know she was Jewish.

It remains unclear what led to the confrontation, and Ackermann insists that her clothing did not hinder her performance in the Nationals as she went on to earn a silver medal at the Hard Bat competition, which is played with an old-school paddle.

Virginia Song, CEO of USA Table Tennis, told the newspaper it was now investigating the incident, but was unable to comment on the matter.

Fei Ming Tong, a former ping-pong star from Taiwan, is said to have scolded her daughter's Orthodox Jewish partner at the US National Table Tennis Championships earlier this month.

Fei Ming Tong, a former ping-pong star from Taiwan, is said to have scolded her daughter’s Orthodox Jewish partner at the US National Table Tennis Championships earlier this month.

Estee Ackermann, 20, a ping-pong prodigy, wears archery-sleeved shirts that cover her elbows along with skirts and leggings when she competes, according to her religion

Estee Ackermann, 20, a ping-pong prodigy, wears archery-sleeved shirts that cover her elbows along with skirts and leggings when she competes, according to her religion

Ackerman, now a final year student at Stern College for Women in New York City, has been playing table tennis since she was just eight at the insistence of her father, who taught his two children to play in hopes that it would help develop hand-eye coordination. , according to Long Island Herald.

When she was 11, she beat tennis star Rafael Nadal at the game, and in 2016, she tried to compete in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

She went on to win several gold medals at the US National Table Tennis Championships, but had to miss the 2020 Olympic trials because some tournament required her to play during the Jewish Sabbath, which runs from sunset on Friday. Sunset on Saturday.

After the altercation, Tong is said to have removed her daughter Lucy Chen (right) from the double tournament, leaving Ackerman without a partner.

After the altercation, Tong is said to have removed her daughter Lucy Chen (right) from the double tournament, leaving Ackerman without a partner.

Ackermann has been playing ping-pong since she was only eight, and her father said that Tong once coached Ackerman knowing she was Jewish.

Ackermann has been playing ping-pong since she was only eight, and her father said that Tong once coached Ackerman knowing she was Jewish.

I've tried to participate in the Olympics and even once beat pro tennis player Rafael Nadal in a match

I’ve tried to participate in the Olympics and even once beat pro tennis player Rafael Nadal in a match

For all of her competitions, her father said, Ackermann wore T-shirts with shooting sleeves that covered her elbows, skirts and leggings.

Her father said she was wearing one of those clothes at the Nationals earlier this month, when the only requirement was that participants not wear white because it would interfere with the ball.

"It’s not like my dress was ever a hindrance to the level of my competition," Ackermann told the newspaper. "This is definitely not the case."

In fact, after Tong withdrew her daughter from the competition, Ackermann was able to compete in other events—and saw her overall ranking improve during the competition.

Meanwhile, Tong told the New York Post that she was unaware of any problems between her and Ackermann.

She said Ackermann was one of her "best and favorite students", and wished her "all the best for her wonderful future."



The pilots bring in Tortorella after a disappointing season

After the NHL draft, free agency and other off-season moves, is checking where each team stands before the 2022-23 regular season, which begins October 7. Today, Philadelphia Flyers:

2021-22 season: 25-46-11, eighth in the division of the capital; Did not qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs

Main arrivals

Tony D’AngeloDr: The 26-year-old was acquired in a commercial deal with Carolina Hurricanes on July 8 for three draft picks and signed a two-year contract three days later. DeAngelo, born in Sewell, New Jersey, had 51 points, including 41 assists in the National Hockey League, in 64 regular season games and 10 points (one goal, nine assists) in 14 Stanley Cup games last season. . … Nicolas DesloriersF: The 31-year-old signed a four-year contract on July 13. Desloriers had 13 points (eight goals, five assists) in 81 games with the Anaheim Ducks and the Minnesota Wild last season, including three goals in 20 games after being substituted. Wild on March 19… Justin BrownDr: The 35-year-old, who signed a one-year contract to return to Philadelphia on July 13, had 18 points, including six goals in the NHL, in 69 games with the Flyers and New York Rangers last season. Acquired by New York in a deal on March 21, he earned two points (one goal, one assist) in eight regular season games and one assist in 19 playoff games. … Troy Grosnickg: The 32-year-old signed a one-year contract on July 13 after going 16-6-4 and leading the NHL with a 2.00 goal-to-0.933 save percentage in 30 games with Providence last season. Although Grosenick has only started four times in the NHL, because he signed a one-way contract, he’s likely to be the backup for Carter Hart this chapter. … John Tortorella, coach: The 64-year-old was appointed on June 17 to replace Mike Yu, who took over after Alain Vinault was dismissed on December 6. Tortorella is 14th in NHL history with 673 wins in 20 seasons as a coach for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Rangers, Vancouver Canucks and Columbus Blue Jackets. He also won the Stanley Cup with Lightning in 2004 and the Jack Adams Award as NHL Coach of the Year twice (2004, 2017).

Main departures

Oscar Lindblom, Ph: Lindblom signed a two-year contract with San Jose Sharks on July 13, a day after he purchased the Flyers for the final season of his three-year contract. He had 26 points (12 goals, 14 assists) in 79 games last season. … Martin Jonesg: Jones signed a two-year contract with the Seattle Kraken on July 13. He was 12-18-3 with 3.42 GAA and 0.900 savings in 35 games (33 starts) last season. … Nate Thompson, Ph: Thompson, who remains an unrestricted free agent, scored three points (one goal, two assists) in 33 games last season.

On the edge

cam yorkDr: The 21-year-old, who was named with the 14th selection in the 2019 NHL Draft, had 10 points (three goals and seven assists) and averaged an icy time of 19:05 in 30 games last season. Yorke also scored 12 points (2 goals, 10 assists) in 34 games for AHL’s Lehigh Valley. … Allison Wade, P: The 24-year-old, a second-round pick (#52) in the 2016 NHL Draft, picked up a knee injury in his only NHL game last season that caused him to be out for seven weeks. Alisson scored 17 points (10 goals and seven assists) in 28 AHL games. … Bobby BrinkF: The 21-year-old, who underwent surgery for a cleft rupture this off-season and is expected to miss several months, had four assists in 10 games last season after signing a three-year entry contract on April 10. Round selection (No. 34) in the 2019 draft, Brink also led the NCAA with 57 points (14 goals, 43 assists) in 41 games to help the University of Denver win the National Championship. … Noah KeatsF: The 23-year-old, who was selected in the fifth round (#137) of the 2017 NHL Draft, has nine points (five goals, four assists) in 16 games after signing a two-year contract at entry level. March 27: Kitts also scores 24 points (11 goals, 13 assists) in 37 games at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Video: PHI @ NYR: York is getting flyers on the board early

They still need

to stay healthy. defenseman Ryan Ellis He played just four games last season, his first in Philadelphia after he landed a deal with the Nashville Predators, due to what he called a "multi-layer" injury to the lower body. He said in May that he expects to be in good health for the training camp along with the centers Sean Couturier (back surgery) and Kevin Hayes (abdominal/hip surgery), who each missed a big time last season. straight ahead Joel Farabi He may miss the start of the season after he underwent surgery to replace the disc in the cervical region on June 24.

they said that

"We’re going to be a much better team. We’re going to be a competitive team. A lot of the things we really struggled with last year, I feel like we have a chance to be dramatically better, whether it’s our goals against, or structural, our kill penalty, and our strength plays in particular." General Manager Chuck Fletcher

imaginative focus

DeAngelo could have a sneaky fantasy appeal if he fell into the drafts after moving from the Stanley Cup contender in the Hurricanes to the Flyers, who missed the playoffs in successive seasons. DeAngelo should play the center stage in his first PU with Couturier and right winger Cam Atkinson, who has had great success under Tortorella in the past (the NHL scored 41 goals with the Blue Jackets in 2018-19). DeAngelo should be considered the top 30 marginal defender and top 150 after finishing 11th in points per game (0.80; minimum 20 games) in his position last season. – Anna Dua

Video: MTL @PHI: Atkinson scores accurate results from Farabee’s feed

Expected lineup

Scott Lawton – Sean Couturier – Cam Atkinson

James Van Rimsdijk – Kevin Hayes – Travis Konechnie

Noah Keats – Morgan FrostOwen Tibet

Nicolas Desloriers – Patrick Brown – Taner Laczynski

Ivan Provorov – Tony D’Angelo

Travis SanheimRasmus Restollinen

Cam York – Justin Brown

Carter Hart

Troy Grosnick

The injured: Ryan Ellis (lower body), Joel Farabi (upper body)



Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson agrees to settle 3 more lawsuits with discipline ruling expected on Monday

Sue L. Robinson, the joint disciplinary officer appointed by the NFL and the players union, is expected to make a decision Monday on whether the Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson The league’s personal behavior policy was violated after accusations of sexual misconduct, sources confirmed to ESPN.

Meanwhile, Watson has agreed to settle three of the four remaining civil lawsuits against him, Houston attorney Tony Busby told ESPN’s John Barr early Monday morning.

If Robinson, a former US district judge, imposes any sentence, either side will have three days to file a written appeal. In that event, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell or his designee will issue a "written resolution that constitutes a complete, final and complete resolution of the dispute," subject to the terms of Section 46 of the collective bargaining agreement.

The NFL Players Association already made it clear in a statement Sunday night that it will not resume.

"Prior to Judge Robinson’s decision, we wanted to reconfirm the facts of this action," the association said in a statement. "First, we have fully cooperated with every NFL inquiry and have provided the NFL with the most comprehensive set of information for any personal conduct policy investigation." A former federal judge – appointed jointly by the NFLPA and the NFL – held a full and fair hearing, read thousands of pages of investigative documents and reviewed arguments from both sides impartially.Every player, owner, business partner and stakeholder deserves to know that our process is legitimate and will not be distorted based on The whims of the university office. For this reason, regardless of its decision, Deshaun and the NFLPA will abide by its rule and call on the NFL to do the same.

Robinson heard arguments from the association and union attorneys and Watson during a three-day hearing held in her home state of Delaware in late June. The two sides discussed a possible settlement all the way through the hearing but were unable to agree on a deal.

Sources told ESPN’s Dan Graziano that the league and Watson’s team have been engaged in further settlement talks in recent days, but neither side has felt close to an agreement. Most of Watson’s side that indicated he wanted to give him commentary was in the six to eight game range, according to sources. Sources said the best the league had indicated it was willing to offer was a 12-match suspension and a hefty fine – in the region of $8 million.

Watson is accused of sexual assault and indecent behavior during massage sessions in civil lawsuits brought by 25 women. The encounters mentioned in the lawsuits took place between March 2020 and March 2021, while Watson was a member of the Houston Texans. One of the 25 cases was dropped after a judge ruled in April 2021 that the plaintiffs must amend their petitions to reveal their names. In June, Watson settled 20 of the 24 lawsuits he was facing; On Monday, he agreed to settle three of the remaining four, according to Busby, who represents the women suing Watson.

Last month, Texas reached settlements with 30 women who have made allegations or were willing to file lawsuits against the organization for its alleged role in the allegations against Watson.

Although two grand juries in Texas declined to pursue criminal charges against Watson earlier this year, the NFL is investigating whether he violated the personal conduct policy since last year. The NFL interviewed Watson over several days earlier this summer. The association’s investigators also spoke to several of the women.

Watson has consistently denied wrongdoing and said he has no regrets about any of his actions during the massages. Watson also said he cooperated with the NFL investigation and "honestly answered every question" asked by league investigators.

The Browns traded for Watson in March, sending three first-round picks to Texas. Then Cleveland gave Watson a new five-year, $230 million, fully guaranteed contract, the richest deal in NFL history for any player.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said last week that Jacobi Brisset He would become a Cleveland starter if Watson was suspended. Brown was suspended on Sunday from his training camp but is due to resume training on Monday.

CBS Sports first reported that Robinson’s decision is expected on Monday.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler and The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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